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Neck Strength Prevents Injuries and Improves Technique

 Having a strong neck is extremely important for wrestlers. Not only will adequate neck strength help you prevent against serious injuries, but it will also give you the ability to use your head and neck during certain techniques, namely when finishing takedowns and fighting off of your back.

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Neck Muscular Strength, Training, Performance and Sport Injury Risk

"A retrospective analysis," the study stated, "revealed that isometric training reduced match-related cervical spine injuries and a prospective study found that greater overall isometric neck strength reduced concussion risk in high school athletes. Recommendations for future research include substantiating the link between neck strength and sport injury risk and assessing the effectiveness of neck plyometric and perturbation training on stabilisation and injury risk." 


Neck strength: a protective factor reducing risk of concussion

Authors: Christy L. Collins, Erica N. Fletcher, Sarah K. Fields, Lisa Kluchurosky, Mary Kay Rohrkemper, R. Dawn Comstock, Robert C. Cantu

"As the number of high school students participating in athletics continues to increase, so will the number of sports-related concussions unless effective concussion prevention programs are developed. We sought to develop and validate a cost-effective tool to measure neck strength in a high school setting, conduct a feasibility study to determine if the developed tool could be reliably applied by certified athletic trainers (ATs) in a high school setting, and conduct a pilot study to determine if anthropometric measurements captured by ATs can predict concussion risk."

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  To find more information on neck strengthening impact on injury prevention, performance improvement, and how you can participate in studies or volunteer at the next event follow the link below.  


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