Neck Strength True Believers


"CerviFit allows contiguous motion and movement that's natural, yet strengthening..." Doctor Baron is amazed that the neck hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.

-Dr Spencer Baron Dolpins\Marlins

Football Mom

"Football is a rough sport" says Football mom Susan Gordon, "You're gonig to sustain injuries.  Any preventative measure you can should take them."

-Susan Gordon Football Mom

Miami Dolphin Pro Bowler

"When my neck feels strong I'm balanced, quick, and confident.  I know I'm ready as I can be...there's no 100% guarantees at anything. But safer's better..." 

- Chris Chambers, Pro Bowler &  owner The Chamber Performance Fitness

Head Football Coach

"You don't need spotters, [CerviFit] worked real easy," Coach G loves that there are no bulky chains or big machines,  "It really worked."  

-Cyprus Bay Coach Mark Guandolo

Stand-Out FAU DB

"Every day, before practice, I do a couple of sets with it," stand-out defensive back for the Owls said, "...a great feeling to have, feeling that you're not gonna hurt your neck."

- Marquese Dudley-Gordon

Indy 500 Champion

Ryan  Prepared for his championship run in Indy with Cervifit. "With G-forces up to four times [normal weight] in an Indy car on turns, it definitely helped strengthen my neck,"  

-Ryan Hunter-Reay