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Head injuries in girls' soccer are on the rise. Studies linking the mean neck muscle differntial between genders and likliehood of concussion are both frightening and inspiring.   

The neck is a major key to minimizing risk. CerviFit implores you to read more and work safely toward a stonger neck.  Your players will thank you!

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Concussion prevention in soccer tied to strength, technique


“My biggest worry with concussions right now is the fact that we are terrifying parents about playing sports, whether it be soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, you name it. We’re terrifying our parents and they’re making decisions about activities, and that’s the worst thing we can do,” said Dr. Paul Berkner, director of the Maine Concussion Management Initiative at Colby College. 

  “There is no data that supports the use of headgear makes a difference whatsoever,” Berkner said. “In football, helmets are designed to reduce skull fractures, not to reduce concussions.” 

 Lutrzykowski said some studies have shown improved neck strength can reduce the risk of soccer concussions. Stronger necks can reduce the whiplash effect that can cause or exacerbate a concussion. 

Neck Strength Differential Between Genders Signifcantly Contributes to Concussion Rate Girls' Soccer

 “We don’t want to scare any parent into thinking sports are too dangerous to play,” Comstock said. “They have too many positive attributes for kids not to participate.” 

 The only inference we can make as an observation considering Comstocks neck strenght study and the jaw's relation to the cervical spine in recent validated research, is that girls have weaker necks. The subjects in her published article who had thicker stronger necks had less concussion. Coupled with the potential factor that more girls undergo orthodontic procedures that boys, it should become a focus of addressing the cause of why this phenomenon exists. It can not be ignored. 

Brandi Chastain Is a Role Model for Safety

Women are at greater risk than men of concussions in both high school and college athletics, yet the attention and research is focused on male athletes. Scientists don’t know why girls and women report more concussions than their male counterparts, especially given that most female sports have fewer collisions than male sports. Theories include differences in neck muscles, hormones or willingness to acknowledge symptoms. 


Neck strength: a protective factor reducing risk for concussion in high school sports.

Authors: Christy L. Collins, Erica N. Fletcher, Sarah K. Fields, Lisa Kluchurosky, Mary Kay Rohrkemper, R. Dawn Comstock, Robert C. Cantu

"As the number of high school students participating in athletics continues to increase, so will the number of sports-related concussions unless effective concussion prevention programs are developed. We sought to develop and validate a cost-effective tool to measure neck strength in a high school setting, conduct a feasibility study to determine if the developed tool could be reliably applied by certified athletic trainers (ATs) in a high school setting, and conduct a pilot study to determine if anthropometric measurements captured by ATs can predict concussion risk."

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 To find more information on neck strengthening impact on injury prevention, performance improvement, and how you can participate in studies or volunteer at the next event follow the link below. 

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Custom Prgrams and Pricing are available for Associations, Coaches,  Leagues, Doctors, and Trainers. We are delighted to work with new partners to tailor a program to your needs, beyond revenue share.  


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