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Why is Neck Strength Important?

No Such Thing as Too Much Precaution

Rapid twisting or 'whiplash' is the largest contributing factor in sports related head or neck injury; not impact from collision. Research at Stanford University shows it is this type of 'rattling' that has the most substantial impact on the severity and susceptibility of player injuries.

Stabilizing the head through stronger neck musculuture is a reasonable and quantifiable method to absorb imact to a player's head and upper spine.

While there is no perfect answer, or magic bullet, The Cervifit strengthens this critical muscle group proven to be critical to athletes', especially young atheletes', safety.

According to studies, trengthening the neck musculature by even one pound can reduce the likliehood of concussion by 5%.

Who Should Use CerviFit?

CerviFit is designed for use by athletes 12 years of age or older.  Young participants of every level and gender are susceptible to the violent motion that leads to head and neck injury.  Soccer, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Wrestling are among the current popular sports using CerviFit for athlete health and safety.   

Key Sudy

A strong neck provides protection against injury and has shown to have performance benefits as well. Not only will a stonger neck help a player "absorb" a rattling blow, but will positively contribute to respiration and reflixive preparation.  The impact of neck conditioning translates well beyond a single component.  

The CerviFit

 A simple, manageable, solution to a complex problem, the CerviFit allows players to strengthen this all important neck musculature in two key ways:

  1. As part of stretching and training regiment before practice, the CerviFit can be added as a 5 minute conditioning drill focused on the three major ranges of motion.
  2. The CerviFit is the only device that can be worn during functional drills in order to strengthen the muscle pairings most relavent to the athletes chosen sport.

Parents, Doctors, Trainers & Coaches We Can Do More!

To find more information on neck strengthening impact on injury prevention, performance improvement, and how you can participate in studies or volunteer at the next event follow the link below. 


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