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Lacrosse may be the fastest-growing high school boy's sport in the United States, but only football and ice hockey have higher concussion rates.

Much like hockey, lacrosse players are exposed to sheering blows making them increasingly susceptible to concussion and upper cervical injuries.  Explore the CerviFit Neck Strengthening System to learn more about an affordable and easy to use way to limit your players' risks.

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CerviFit Neck Strengthening System

CerviFit.  Revolutionary Neck Strengthening System.  No Partner.  No Bulk.  Easy to use.

CerviFit.  Revolutionary Neck Strengthening System.  No Partner.  No Bulk.  Easy to use. 

Custom Prgrams and Pricing are available for Associations, Coaches,  Leagues, Doctors, and Trainers. We are delighted to work with new partners to tailor a program to your needs, beyond revenue share.  

New research shows that stronger necks may lead to safer heads.

 By Feb. 21, 2013

For years, biomechanics researchers have suspected that girls had higher concussion rates than boys in sports like soccer and lacrosse because of gender differences in neck strength. The weaker your neck, the more likely your head will bob around on impact. And concussions are caused by the brain shaking inside the skull.

For the first time, new research backs up this conclusion. Before practices and games, athletes shouldn’t just be stretching and strengthening their legs and backs. They should be working out their necks as well. 


Neck strength: a protective factor reducing risk of concussion

Authors: Christy L. Collins, Erica N. Fletcher, Sarah K. Fields, Lisa Kluchurosky, Mary Kay Rohrkemper, R. Dawn Comstock, Robert C. Cantu

"As the number of high school students participating in athletics continues to increase, so will the number of sports-related concussions unless effective concussion prevention programs are developed. We sought to develop and validate a cost-effective tool to measure neck strength in a high school setting, conduct a feasibility study to determine if the developed tool could be reliably applied by certified athletic trainers (ATs) in a high school setting, and conduct a pilot study to determine if anthropometric measurements captured by ATs can predict concussion risk."

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