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Basketball isn't a collision sport but it certainly is a contact sport!  A stonger neck can guard against injury and increase court vision...

The response time that we commonly refer to as "hand-eye" involves quite a bit more of the body than two parts.  

Reducing the lag between thought and motion is what we are truly after!  And that doesn't happen in the hand or the eye. It happens on that high speed freeway we call neck and spine.  

By conditioning the musculature of the neck we create open flow with better balance.  A healthy neck can give you the advantage you're looking for.  "Court Vision" can have more to do with  your neck then with your eyes!

CerviFit Neck Strengthening System

CerviFit.  Revolutionary Neck Strengthening System.  No Partner.  No Bulk.  Easy to use. 

Custom Prgrams and Pricing are available for Associations, Coaches,  Leagues, Doctors, and Trainers. We are delighted to work with new partners to tailor a program to your needs, beyond revenue share.  

Studying Concussion in Basketball


Basketball may not seem like a dangerous sport, but there's been a 70% increase in head injuries in recent years. The men's basketball team at the University of New Haven is trying to reduce the risk by wearing small electronic head sensors during practice. CBS News' Michelle Castillo reports. 


Neck strength: a protective factor reducing risk of concussion

Authors: Christy L. Collins, Erica N. Fletcher, Sarah K. Fields, Lisa Kluchurosky, Mary Kay Rohrkemper, R. Dawn Comstock, Robert C. Cantu

"As the number of high school students participating in athletics continues to increase, so will the number of sports-related concussions unless effective concussion prevention programs are developed. We sought to develop and validate a cost-effective tool to measure neck strength in a high school setting, conduct a feasibility study to determine if the developed tool could be reliably applied by certified athletic trainers (ATs) in a high school setting, and conduct a pilot study to determine if anthropometric measurements captured by ATs can predict concussion risk."

Parents, Doctors, Trainers & Coaches We Can Do More!

   To find more information on neck strengthening impact on injury prevention, performance improvement, and how you can participate in studies or volunteer at the next event follow the link below.   


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