About CerviFit

The Cervifit is Born from Necessity!

  Alan S Philipson awoke one morning, no longer a college athelete, no longer a competitive body builder...a man bearing lingering symptoms from concussions suffered long ago. Determined, he set off to find answers. How do we reduce the risk of concussion before the damage is done?

 What he found was simple and unexpected. As far back as 1975, in conslusive terms, the answer was right between his head and his shoulders! "...overall neck strength remained a statistically significant predictor of concussion." The Study found, "For every one pound increase in neck strength, odds of concussion fell by 5%. "

 Astounded, Alan realized how little he'd paid attention to his neck during his sports or body building years. He wandered his gym looking for devices geared for neck strenghtening.  

 Surprised to find nothing, he visited other gyms. He spoke with coaches and trainers. In a highschool weight room he found a gigantic piece of furniture devised for neck reps. It was home to boxes of uniforms and lighlty covered in dust...ignored for it's intended purpose.

 Alan dusted off that machine and followed the instructions, did a few creaky reps. The team manager wanted his uniform storage bench back.

 Online, Alan found other excercises and occasionally a device that gave him hope then disappointed him. Most of what he found was ambiguous or even dangerous; balancing free weights precariously on your forehead or pulling a towel wrapped around your head for resistance. Savage. Archaic. Pointless.

 Frustrated, Alan ended his search and changed tack. He worked with Doctors and Chiropractors, studied the physics of the head and neck relationship. Studied the types of impact that most frequently cause damage, not only in atheletes; first responders, fighter pilots, long haul truckers, office workers.  

 The positive impact potential of having a stonger neck became Alan's obsession. Developing a safe, affordable, portable, easy to use solution became his mission.

 Like a muscle-bound Frankenstein, he finally emerged with the original CerviFit in 2012. Issued Patent in hand, Alan began to work with strength and conditioning coaches across a spectrum of sports. Athletes from PeeWee to Pro incorportated neck strength into their programs.  

 The application and awareness of the benefits of neck training have finally been ushered into the light. Neck strength correlation to performance in areas like "field vision" and "preparation\respose reflex" is astounding and exciting. CerviFit continiues to expand it's reach into occupational therapy and rehabilitation but does not loose sight of the core values, the original mission of preparing young necks and reducing risk of injury.  

 Alan's obsession, his passion, continues as the CerviFit team and the list of enthusiastic partners grows.

 Use your head. Train your neck.