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Standard Excercises

Upright Posterior Traction

Neck Sit-Up

Prone Flexion\Extension

Ear to Shoulder


Suppine Extension

Rehabilitation and Therapy

CerviFit is a safe, simple, effective, non-pharmaceutical solution for patients to find relief, strengthen the critical muscle group, improve range of motion, and address neck related pain and migraine.  

Contact us today for injury specific customized regiments, list of beneits, and insurance guidance.

Network and Affiliate Programing

We are dedicated to relief, rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance improvement.  Custom programs and pricing are available for doctors, therapsists, health networks, associations, coaches, and trainers.

For more information on how to include Cervifit in your network, insurance guidance, and detailed recomended programming please contact us today.

Neck Health is Too Important to Ignore

Soccer Families

Did you know that Soccer is ranked first among all sports regarding the occurrence of head and neck injuries? Studies show girls and young women are particularly vulnerable. 

Football Families

You may be aware that a helmet can reduce the force of impact. Only improved strength and flexibility can help reduce the second factor in the risk equation. 

Hockey Families

Fast, graceful, powerful.  Hockey is growing in  popularity around the world.  Will a stronger neck help combat the next sheering blow?

Lacrosse Families

America's oldest and fastest growing sport for all ages and genders.  With popularity comes better atheletes, stronger competition,and increased contact...

Basketball Families

Basketball isn't a collision sport but it certainly is a contact sport!  A stonger neck can guard against injury and increase court vision...

Wrestling Families

Neck strength has long been appreciated by wrestlers at all levels.  Conditioning this muscle group is now simpler and safer than ever.